i actually got these shoes quite a while ago, but i've never showed them to you. i got them at urban outfitters in antwerp, belgium. i love the fact they're see-through and you can make them look completely different with any colour of socks you wear! what do you think?

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Aafke zei

Wow, that's so cool!!
love the idea.


Anoniem zei

Omg these are awesome! Get me some!!! Hihi lovee your blog btw

Anoniem zei

Nice! Which brand?

riina zei

so adorable!

Estelle zei

I love these! Can't wait to see what colour socks you pair them with...or even patterned socks! You've got great taste girl x x x


h.madlenka zei

these shoes may very likely be the most awesome ones ever. love them! XO

Iris zei

aaaaaah jaloers!