i'm addicted to this song right now, i have no idea how many times i've put it on repeat. especially the part from 0:52 where you should put your bass loouuddd.

adele - rolling in the deep, jamie xx remix



i actually got these shoes quite a while ago, but i've never showed them to you. i got them at urban outfitters in antwerp, belgium. i love the fact they're see-through and you can make them look completely different with any colour of socks you wear! what do you think?


here's the stuff i bought in paris, not much but i love everything i got; two vintage levi's shorts, vintage pierre cardin blouse, unknown dress and a vogue, a vogue hommes and the french vice.


where you feel good, there is your home.

got some inspiration here , enjoy your weekend :)
source here


french love

i bought these two french dvd's a few days ago, i can't wait to watch them! have you seen these movies? xx

paris photobomb

yesterdaynight i came home from my favourite city; paris. i didn't take many photo's with my digital camera because it was too heavy to carry with me for everyday. so instead i took pictures with my dad's analogue minolta slr, with a black and white film, and a disposable camera. when i've developed them i'll show it to you.
here are a bunch of pictures from day 1.



hi! so i'm in paris now, and i really don't wanna go back home! it's so nice here, incredible, and the weather is amazing too. today i walked around paris on my own, i did some shopping at 'free 'p' star', an amazing vintage shop near the 'big shoppingstreet', where i bought these levi's shorts, and the same in darkgreen and a beatiful blouse. i'll show all of that and other stuff later. sadly i'm leaving tomorrownight, but i'll be back here soon! i'll post pictures somewhere this week. xxx



how amazing is her simple, but gorgeous tattoo? love it!

ph: in search of little sadie



shit shit shit sorry. i can't keep making excuses for the silence, even though i do have them. i'm so sorry. my life's been so busy and so many things have happened the past few weeks, that made blogging my last priority.
i do have lot's of photo's and inspiration right now, and i feel like posting something again. tomorrow i'm going to the wonderful Paris with my lovely sister who lives there! so, if you know some (cheap) vintageshops, please tell me in a comment below!
here's only one photo for now, there's a lot more coming up! au revoir !