happy fucking newyear

have an amazing new years everyone with lot's of champagne and oliebollen, appelflappen, appelbeignets and more shit. it's been an amazing year, but on to the next one! hope you have an amazing evening/night/morning! xxxxxxx



an amazing sunset at viterbo, italy. xx



here are some pic's from WONDERLAND magazine which i got for 'sinterklaas'. it's an absolutely amazing magazine with amazing photo's and male models. damn i love wonderland. xx

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me and lili in the subway in rome

merry christmas everyone! xxxx

i just dyed my hair and it's fucking ugly

love the hot, late night dinners in italy at my aunt's house.


from now on, i'm going to start posting analogue photo's from my disposable camera(that i finally developed!), almost everyday. the pictures are made from sunny july till snowy december. enjoy :]

cat in tarifa, spain



ruby aldridge, source: the-electric
so sorry i haven't posted anything since friday.. the concert of THE DRUMS was amazing by the way. the holidays have started and i've spend all my time with friends, working and other stuff. i'll try to post more these days. and i'm working on a special 2010 post, so stay tuned! xxx



it's been snowing all day long allready. amsterdam is all white again. i'm going to a concert of THE DRUMS tonight, so excited!! i'm just wondering how long it's going to take to get there, and back home... and finally: the holidays started! xxxx



1.part of yesterdays outfit:sweater from dad, blouse from mom. 2.blurry sunshine



bad boys fo life

have a nice weekend, i'm off to babysitting! xxx


casio gold watches

i need your help! i can't choose between these two watches, which one do you like the most?


dear sinterklaas/santa claus

Christmas Whishlist!
the polaroid book-chanel le vernis black-ipod classic,christopher kane galaxy dress-topshop tee-casio watch-acne top-chanel coco rouge-acne hybria, tucker(?)faux fur via net-a-porter-ysl arty ring


this is not a bomb

short,quick post but i'm still alive :) love this picture from fashiontoast. i'll post something 'real' these days, promise! xxx


the meadow

i haven't showed you my new boots yet! i added the studs myself. what do you think about them?
i probably won't post a lot in the upcomming two weeks because i have lot's of vert important stuff/homework to do. xxx

some way through this

wearing: random denim shirt+benneton(really old)sweater.


une question pour vous

hi everyone! i'm really really sorry for posting so little. inspiration has left me, i don't have a lot of time and i don't know what to post (i know that sounds really stupid).hopefully inspiration will come back soon. but i have a question for you guys:
what do you want to see more of, any ideas? please comment below! xxxxx


yves saint laurent 1995



leaves on fire

[i'm wearing: for those who are interested: a monki top,random skirt+tights,alysamode shoes,asos coat borrowed from lotte., -yes i look really tired on the pictures.-]
sorry for the lack of posts! i made these pictures a few days ago, ejoying the last leaves. today my toes were actually frozen and it's only 1 or 3 degrees outside. but: today i got to know that i'm going to st.petersburg, russia, next year with school, an exchange (i actually wanted to go to south africa but there were only a few places). alsoooo: i had an interview at a bakery today and it went quite wel, and i have to work pretty soon (try-out), and (ohmygod the good news isn't over yet..), tomorrow i'm going to a concert from die antwoord(!!!), and i saw them also on lowlands(yes yes i was front-row!), and friday.. i'm going to a concert from the bloody beetroots(!!!!).. love my life these days A LOT.xxxxxx