if i had a heart

i'm still in italy, enjoying my freedom in the great weather. here are some more pictures i took with my new lens, i simply love the photos, i took them abuot two weeks ago at the best place in amsterdam, a magical place where i want to live and dream and never leave. my friends and i discovered it and made it 'our favourite place'.


abbey lee kershaw

collage made by me
here's one of my favourite models: abbey lee kershaw. she's amazing i think, she has so many different faces which is beautiful. who are your favourite models?



while you're reading this i'm probably walking around milano, italy. i'm on vacation right now for 3-4 weeks, traveling around italy with my friends. we'll stay in milan for 2 days and then we'll head to carrara for two weeks. i'll try to post.. hope you're having a great vacation too!

edit: does any of you know some great (vintage) shops in Milan or Carrara?



a day hanging out with my friend e. and my new friend aka my 50 mm f/1.8 D lens. i just love the photos, i'll show you more soon.


here are some paintings/collages i made some days ago.


damn that's right

i'm baackkkkkkk and today was my last test-day! altough i have to re-make two exams.. but for now i'm relaxing!
right after the worst test ever (mathematics) today, me and my friends went downtown for shopping(blegh i hate that word). something i hadn't done for months (i think..). and i bought some very exciting things! well, as you can see on the pictures, a vintage baby-yellow silk blouse (1 euro!), vintage shoes (7 euros!), a lace h&m bra (3 euros) AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST AT ALL: A VINTAGE CHANEL PURSE!!!!! when i saw it (we were at the waterlooplein-market with loads of vintage) i didn't believe it could actually be a real one. why would it still be there? some-one else must of bought something like that before i did. but no, it was right there, surrounded by old phones, keycords and dust: a real chanel purse. ok, i might be overexaterating a little, but COME ON! oh and it only costed me five fucking euros. five. not fifty, not fivehundred or even more. FIVE . sorry.
So yeah, that was my story of the day, how was yours?



was it a dream?

i went to antwerp(belgium) again saturday, it's definitely one of my favourite cities. everyone is so 'mellow', so kind, polite. the dutch infact are busy, rude, inpolite, loud... i might move to belguim some day... anyways, it was great, because there were huge vintage sales, and i've bought many clothes, but i'll show them to you once i've shortened or changed some of the clothes.

here are some pictures of beautiful people with beautiful jewellry on their wrists. i especially love the first one! photos by jak&jil


noir et blanc

here is part I of the analogue black and white pictures i made in paris. hope you like them :)


i'm addicted to this song right now, i have no idea how many times i've put it on repeat. especially the part from 0:52 where you should put your bass loouuddd.

adele - rolling in the deep, jamie xx remix



i actually got these shoes quite a while ago, but i've never showed them to you. i got them at urban outfitters in antwerp, belgium. i love the fact they're see-through and you can make them look completely different with any colour of socks you wear! what do you think?


here's the stuff i bought in paris, not much but i love everything i got; two vintage levi's shorts, vintage pierre cardin blouse, unknown dress and a vogue, a vogue hommes and the french vice.