if i had a heart

i'm still in italy, enjoying my freedom in the great weather. here are some more pictures i took with my new lens, i simply love the photos, i took them abuot two weeks ago at the best place in amsterdam, a magical place where i want to live and dream and never leave. my friends and i discovered it and made it 'our favourite place'.


abbey lee kershaw

collage made by me
here's one of my favourite models: abbey lee kershaw. she's amazing i think, she has so many different faces which is beautiful. who are your favourite models?



while you're reading this i'm probably walking around milano, italy. i'm on vacation right now for 3-4 weeks, traveling around italy with my friends. we'll stay in milan for 2 days and then we'll head to carrara for two weeks. i'll try to post.. hope you're having a great vacation too!

edit: does any of you know some great (vintage) shops in Milan or Carrara?



a day hanging out with my friend e. and my new friend aka my 50 mm f/1.8 D lens. i just love the photos, i'll show you more soon.


here are some paintings/collages i made some days ago.