jetzt geht los und wir essen Kaiserschmarren und trinken billige Weißwein und Jagermeister im Österreich

some (not very interesting) snowy landscape photos from austria, but notice my supercool snake-printed skies on the 5th picture! did you go on ski/snowboard-vacation? xxx

red velvet

hi! i got back yesterday from austria and it was very nice, i actually want to go back even though i suck at ski-ing, yeah i found that out this week.. i'll post some photo's later but first i have to show you the delicious cupcake i just finished, with chocolate,berry's and a way-too-sweet butterfrosting, but very nice after all! enjoy your weekend, xxx



some inspiration while i'm somewhere in the snowy mountains trying not to break any bone :) xx


this is what i want to wear this summer, overknee skirts, loose tanktops and cute sandals, perfect.

ph: ilovewildfox



here are some stuff i really want from monki, the shoes will be perfect for this summer.
while you're reading this i'm on my way to austria for ski-vacation for a week with my school . i'll put some pre-sets on the blog, so while i'm away, there will still be posts! have a nice holiday everyone and don't break your legs while ski-ing or snowboarden, i'll try not to! xxx


some details in my house and my room. 4 more days until ski-vacation! :)


january '10

january 2010, chatroulette with lotte to survive the cold weather outside.
i'll try to post more, and more like, 'usefull' posts or something.
but I have to finish a bunch of very important schoolassingnments this week, so that's the reason for the lame blogging. sorry!



some more analogue pic's; snow-time a couple of weeks ago, it's not snowing anymore jeej:) , and the beautiful sky/light at the airport in frankfurt.