french love

i bought these two french dvd's a few days ago, i can't wait to watch them! have you seen these movies? xx

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Celine zei

Ohh I want to see ''Le refuge'' so badlyy! Did you know that the actress was actually pregnant? I've always loved french filmes, they're unique :)

BTW thanks so much for your tips, it was so nice. Can't wait to go!


etta zei

i've seen that second one and i can tell you it was pretty interesting! i hope you'll like it and of course the other one also!

Jantine zei

Leuk :)
Le refuge heb ik al een tijdje op mijn computer staan, het is een van de volgende die ik ga kijken! X

Aafke zei

Les amours imaginaires heb ik gezien en hij is werkelijk prachtig! veel plezier met kijken.