damn that's right

i'm baackkkkkkk and today was my last test-day! altough i have to re-make two exams.. but for now i'm relaxing!
right after the worst test ever (mathematics) today, me and my friends went downtown for shopping(blegh i hate that word). something i hadn't done for months (i think..). and i bought some very exciting things! well, as you can see on the pictures, a vintage baby-yellow silk blouse (1 euro!), vintage shoes (7 euros!), a lace h&m bra (3 euros) AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST AT ALL: A VINTAGE CHANEL PURSE!!!!! when i saw it (we were at the waterlooplein-market with loads of vintage) i didn't believe it could actually be a real one. why would it still be there? some-one else must of bought something like that before i did. but no, it was right there, surrounded by old phones, keycords and dust: a real chanel purse. ok, i might be overexaterating a little, but COME ON! oh and it only costed me five fucking euros. five. not fifty, not fivehundred or even more. FIVE . sorry.
So yeah, that was my story of the day, how was yours?


3 opmerkingen:

The fashion building / DIY zei

Super tof, die chanel portemonnee!

le pearl zei

Wow you definately sure!? Crazayyy!

Congrats you seem to have found some epic items on your thrifting adventures ;) x

Sanne zei

Oooooeh I like the shoes