hi kids. i don't have a lot to say, except that i bought these beauties last sunday and that i still can't believe they're really mine and that i fucking love them.

from river island.

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mauranne zei

they are so pretty!! I love them

rouli zei


mYsSStErY gURrrL~0o7 zei

jezus kind mn hart gaat er helemaal sneller an kloppen! ik ga ze vrijdag even passen @ je oss :]

Estelle zei

Ohhhh my gosh they are BEAUTIFUL! I know what you mean, when I buy new shoes that I really love I just sit there being like "wow!". I can't wait to see pictures of you wearing them, they are sooo pretty :) x x x


The Man from Amsterdam zei

Yep! They are beauties indeed!

DIY / The fashion building zei

Mooi zeg!

Judith zei


Anoniem zei

OMG I love them!!!