I bought this tee at monki today! i love it! what do you think?



so sorry for the lack of posts! here are some analogue pictures we took in Maastricht a while ago.



we were raised to see life as fun and take it if you can

Hi guys!
I've decided to quit INDIEBERRY. At least, for a while that is. I need to keep my mind on some other things right now. After a while I'll probably do some 'guest posts' or something, but no longer will I be 'one of the three'.
haha this sounds quite sentimental, but it's not. I've just changed.
So, that was it from me, Faralda and Lotte will continue I think.. Thanks for all your sweet comments and stuff, and I'll still be visiting your blogs of course!

Lots of love


i just wanted to make a post about my new camera... but blogger said that we've reached the limit of the amount of pictures we can upload on blogger or something.. has any of you ever had this problem? please help us! xxx


we're off to lowlands paradise!

in less than two hours we're off to lowlands festival! i can't wait any minute longer... we're back on monday, so until monday no posts, and tuesday i have something to show you...



it seems we stood and talked like this before


I'm back! i've had an amazing holiday! here are some of the fewhundred pic's I took. More pictures to come! xxx F.

ps. i'm considering buying a nikon d5000, go or no go?