it seems we stood and talked like this before


I'm back! i've had an amazing holiday! here are some of the fewhundred pic's I took. More pictures to come! xxx F.

ps. i'm considering buying a nikon d5000, go or no go?

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Paulien zei

Love the 3th picture!

tanya zei

ahh what kinda camera do you guys use? and do you edit your pics? coz they always look so damn good! :) love your blog!


Hi! Thanks!, I use a simple compact casio(exilim ex-z270) camera, but I did edit the photos, i made the colors look'warmer' (on picasa)(not on every picture though).. Lotte uses a canon G11, and Lili a compact sony cybershot (DSC-W120). xxx F.

Amelia zei

Wow these look amazing. Makes me want to go back to the italian countryside. It's just so beautiful.
I don't know much about the D5000 so I can't help out I'm afraid but I've got a D90 which I'm absolutely over the moon about. You can also film amazing HD videos on it.
Hope I help a little