leaves on fire

[i'm wearing: for those who are interested: a monki top,random skirt+tights,alysamode shoes,asos coat borrowed from lotte., -yes i look really tired on the pictures.-]
sorry for the lack of posts! i made these pictures a few days ago, ejoying the last leaves. today my toes were actually frozen and it's only 1 or 3 degrees outside. but: today i got to know that i'm going to st.petersburg, russia, next year with school, an exchange (i actually wanted to go to south africa but there were only a few places). alsoooo: i had an interview at a bakery today and it went quite wel, and i have to work pretty soon (try-out), and (ohmygod the good news isn't over yet..), tomorrow i'm going to a concert from die antwoord(!!!), and i saw them also on lowlands(yes yes i was front-row!), and friday.. i'm going to a concert from the bloody beetroots(!!!!).. love my life these days A LOT.xxxxxx

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DIY / The fashion building zei

Leuke foto's! En die trui van de monki wil ik ook nog steeds!

Lili zei

aaaaaah leuke foto's pik!
en ik lief mijn&jouw leven ook :]
en jou natuurlijk

Emma zei

Dat shirtje van monki is echt leuk iid!

rouli zei

great post here!

wow tee


Jantine zei

Dankjewel voor je reactie, echt leuk om te horen! :)
Mijn laatste paar foto's heb ik inderdaad bewerkt, met Toy Camera Analogcolor, je kunt de link om hem te downloaden hier vinden: http://heartshapedbottle.blogspot.com/2010/11/shorts-are-velvet-but-thats-unclear-in.html#comments, leuke blog is dat overigens ;)
De foto's die jullie hebben gemaakt zijn ook leuk! :)
Ik heb er eventjes eentje van bewerkt hihi: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_olGRsELYmTk/TOrbZC4Z2RI/AAAAAAAACbg/QjMFR8XRC6w/s1600/indieberry_effected.png.


aw you guys are so beautiful! such happy pictures :)